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Colour Brochure

Concrete Colour Information

Colour Selection Guide

Concrete placed over a large area can tend to look lighter than a brochure swatch or small representative sample. The method of finishing and surface texture can play a large part in the final outcome of your coloured concrete project.

For inspiration in selecting the colour for your concrete, look at areas such as the colour of your house, roofing and landscaping. Consider the use of the space. For example, a light coloured driveway may look great but if unsealed and heavily trafficked without regular maintenance (cleaning, sealing etc.) it could soon look dirty, particularly from oil spills or tyre marks.

If trying to match pre-existing concrete, it is worth considering selecting a contrasting or complementary colour, as the age difference between slabs will always create a variation of sorts.

If using the same colour as previously then expect some visual difference both due to the age gap and also changes in the concrete raw materials. If matching pre-existing concrete is critical then we recommend contacting us to discuss the project in detail.

If colour selection is critical to your project, then we recommend placing a sample of concrete from your chosen concrete supplier and finished to the required specification for approval.

Whilst it is not imperative to seal your decorative concrete, we suggest considering applying a clear sealer. It helps to protect your investment; it is easier to clean and prevent stains.

Some sealers will deliver a gloss, ‘wet-look’ and can intensify and darken the colour shade of your concrete. On-going maintenance will be required. Of course sealing the concrete may not always be warranted or desired. If further advice is required in regards to sealing, please contact us or Cordwells Concrete for further assistance.  

Specifying a Colour

When specifying a colour simply select a colour from the Colourmix Colour Guide overleaf. All colours shown overleaf are based on grey cement. Identify your required concrete strength (MPa). For a detailed specification to incorporate into tender documents please contact Cordwells Concrete.


Concrete integrally coloured with Colourmix oxides can be finished in many different ways to achieve a variety of different looks to suit any project. The applied finish greatly influences the resulting concrete colour. From our experience, unsealed cove trowel and broom finishes may produce a lighter finish than the swatches shown. Similarly, more heavily worked or burnished finishes may result in a darker finish.

Addition Rates

For concrete strengths up to 32MPa the addition rates shown of 1 or 2 bags of Colourmix per cubic metre of concrete should be applied. For higher strength concrete, or where coloured concrete of different strengths are to be placed adjacent to one another, Cathay Industries should be contacted to recommend appropriate addition rates.


Colourmix colours are supplied in our “Aquasac” cold-water soluble packaging system. Our Aquasac bags are made from the highest quality poly vinyl alcohol film and they are the only universal packaging system recommended for all concrete mix designs and finishes. Aquasac bags are ideal for even the most demanding concrete applications and finishes including shotcrete, exposed aggregate, etched, honed and polished finishes.

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