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Cordwells Resource

Cordwells Resources strive to provide quality, cost-efficiency, and reliability in all we do, and our aggregates and sand are no exception. Cordwells Resources is a aggregates and sand producer. We supplying aggregates, sand to the landscape, general public and civil construction workplaces for over 50 years.

Our small pond dredge

Wide Variety

We just don’t supply concrete aggregates and sands to the civil construction industry. We also have a wide variety of very good fill as well as blended road base materials.

Major Roadworks, Dams, Buildings

The fills fit many of the main roads MRTS04 table specifications and have been used on major roadworks, dams, building blocks and many other general fill requirements.  The fill is not just popular for its strength values and Atterberg properties, it is excavated out of the ground only a couple of percent below its optimum moisture content and this plays a big part in it achieving its specified compaction.

Main Roads CBR Strength

The blended road base materials have a main roads CBR strength value of no less than 45 degrees and it is perfect for unsealed roads and driveways as well as any under slab preparations, etc.

Kin Kin Quarry

Quarry Materials

We also have a rocky clean fill available, Crusher Dust and other products.  Give us a call for a full Product list.


Opening Hours

We’ll be happy to accommodate your wishes. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

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